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How We Do It

Our experts work closely with you. Huffmaster’s investigative staff has several decades of investigative experience – ranging from manufacturing, research and development, retail, chemical, aerospace, automotive, commercial, education and more. We will be happy to discuss with you the best type of investigation that supports your desired outcomes.   Your concern and our expertise will shape the type of investigation to be conducted.  That is why Huffmaster attempts to thoroughly understand your concerns and your organization. Contact us for a discreet discussion with a Huffmaster investigator about your concerns.

Interviews and Interrogations

Interviews and Interrogations allow an investigator to meet with various individuals and question them with regards to a particular situation or event.  Witnesses often provide the best link to information needed to resolve a question of fact. An interrogation is directed more to a suspect. The very process of conducting interrogations is fraught with opportunities for failure. Having a Huffmaster professional conduct these interviews and interrogations allows for the right questions to be asked, in a way sure to obtain the facts.  Have you been frustrated when your interviews do not produce the information you need? Our seasoned workplace investigations experts are able to determine an individual’s posture toward the questioning and adjust their approach to get the best possible information from your witness or suspect.


Surveillance is a method used by our workplace investigations team to observe individuals and activities during certain time periods and under diverse conditions.  The investigators do not interact with those they have under surveillance, and those under surveillance do not know they are being investigated.  Surveillance allows for investigators to document an individual’s movements and turn any findings of interest over to the client.  This method allows for the person of interest to be watched in their natural settings. We accomplish this with fixed surveillance, mobile surveillance, fixed lens and digital still and video cameras, and with covert camera placement.

Covert Cameras

Covert Cameras can be placed in and around your facility when improper, illegal or prohibited activity is suspected. This technology allows observation of activity when the suspects are unaware of your intentions to discover them. Their behaviors are recorded and reviewed by the investigators in order to determine any wrong doing. Recorded information is properly stored and protected as evidence in your investigation. This technology can be placed to record onsite or to broadcast to a remote location for viewing and storage.

Undercover workplace

Undercover workplace investigations allow for investigators to become one of your employees or vendors who have recurring access to other employees and routines on a daily basis.  An undercover investigator can observe firsthand the activities occurring within your organization and report back what’s going on in your operation. Our undercover operatives work for you and contribute fully in their employment as they serve to infiltrate the group responsible for prohibited conduct.

Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis allows for Huffmaster investigators to review your business process and look for discrepancies and gaps in controls and security protocols.  Many times it is these discrepancies and gaps that allow employees to get away with particular behaviors that violate your code of business conduct.  By allowing a Huffmaster investigator to review your business process, recommendations can be made that can tighten up your processes and improve your control over losses.