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Huffmaster Business Secured at a Higher Level

What We Do

Huffmaster is capable of conducting many types of corporate investigations that lead to a safer and more secure work environment for your people and your assets. We can provide investigators with specific expertise that matches your investigation needs, whether it is interviewing employees, obtaining evidence, conducting surveillance or deploying an undercover operative. We can assist with your concerns over theft of finished product, raw material or scrap; we can help you find and recover diverted assets, we can help you identify how employees are stealing as well as who is stealing. To learn more about our expertise in corporate investigations and the cases we can help you with, click here.

Fraud, Theft & Embezzlement

Fraud, Theft & Embezzlement is conducted by dishonest employees and outsiders, working together or alone.  Huffmaster’s investigators understand the various ways people steal, how they capitalize on trust to defraud or embezzle your assets. Our corporate investigations support your needs for recourse or corrective action.

Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual Property Theft is costly to any organization.  When an someone steals your company’s intellectual property, they are stealing your thoughts, ideas and other intangible assets.  This property is vital to your organization’s identity and unique position in your market.  If you believe your “secrets” or your resources are being inappropriately used by others, an investigation into intellectual property theft may be necessary. Contact us to learn more about how Huffmaster corporate investigators can help.

Workplace Violence Threats

Workplace Violence Threats affect your organization and you know that threats cannot be taken lightly. You know they must be investigated to the fullest extent in order to ensure the safety of your employees and others on your property.  In the event of a threat, Huffmaster has the skills to perform corporate investigations that assess the threat as well as protect against it.  We can interview witnesses, supervisors, even the accused if appropriate. We can help you decide if accusations are actionable or merely inappropriate conjecture. Huffmaster is also in the unique position to help you decide what security resources you may need to provide a protective umbrella over the threatened workplace. We can help provide uniformed and plainclothes security officers and unarmed or armed protection agents.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics is an investigation of company computers and other digital storage devices.  Employees often times have information stored on these devices that are against company policy or are using these devices against company policy. E-mail, written files, Internet access records all may be evidence of wrongdoing. Huffmaster’s corporate investigators can obtain that information for you in an appropriate and secure manner.  We are able to recover, capture, identify, restore and legally preserve data.  Huffmaster is also willing to provide court-tested, expert testimony in these cases as well.

Electronic Countermeasures

Business communications have an expectation of privacy. Your privileged, written correspondence is protected by secure markings and protection. Your verbal communications are entitled to the same assurance of privacy and ownership. Huffmaster has the technical capability to ensure that your conversations are not being intercepted, recorded or broadcast to others without permission. Our countermeasure sweeps are discreetly conducted using the latest technology. To learn more about our electronic countermeasures services, click here to have a Huffmaster representative contact you for a discreet discussion about our capabilities.

Code of Conduct Violations

Your company prides itself on its corporate reputation. Your business code of conduct reflects the importance you place on the way business is conducted. Our investigation program supports your ability to get the facts about allegations or suspicions of violations of your code. Whether the complaints are of harassment, threats, theft, fraud, financial misfeasance, or violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, our investigators have the experience to determine the truth and present them in a way that allows you take appropriate action. Your code is likely more exhaustive than this list, but so is our depth of corporate investigative experience. Contact us today to learn more about our services.