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Who We Do It For

Huffmaster offers our corporate investigative services to a variety of industries.   Our ability to customize our services to your needs is what makes Huffmaster successful.  We commonly receive requests to do investigations for those in the audit, law, HR and finance departments.  These investigations generally require a close review of confidential information and close observations of employees’ daily activities.

Huffmaster regularly conducts corporate investigations of theft and conducts surveillance for various industries.  Manufacturing companies, chemical companies, retail and commercial businesses are all industries in which Huffmaster has conducted investigations.

Distribution and Supply Chain

Huffmaster investigators understand the importance of uninterrupted supply. We recognize that breaks in supply continuity put contracts and brand reputation at risk. When the interruption is due to theft, diversion, corruption, hijacking, counterfeiting, or product contamination, Huffmaster can help you find the cause – often before a loss occurs.

Compliance Officers

Many regulatory requirements have security stipulations built right into them. Huffmaster investigators can help you assess whether performance occurs according to expectations or if improper performance places your organization at regulatory risk.