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Why We Do It

Every year, thousands of companies go out of business due to avoidable employee thefts, vandalism and lawsuits brought on by employee misfeasance and other internal control factors. Many of these instances can be prevented with a simple employee investigation.

Litigation Management

Huffmaster’s investigations support a client’s decision to move forward with legal action.  Huffmaster is not a legal firm and does not provide legal advice, but we will defend our findings in court on your behalf if necessary.  Opting to litigate is a big move and Huffmaster investigations can help you identify and compile your information in a way that supports your choice. Whether you need us to identify witnesses, isolate suspects and obtain admissions, capture, record and preserve evidence, obtain forensic data and testify, Huffmaster possesses the expertise to deliver any or all of the above services.

Liability Management

Liability Management occurs when an organization determines there is a potential third party loss and they take steps to decrease their exposure because of it.  Huffmaster’s investigators respond quickly, stabilize the scene, capture and document the current state of loss, photographically document scenes and damage, and obtain witness statements. Immediate response is a well known technique for mitigating damages and reducing the likelihood of adverse litigation.

Employee Discipline

Employee Discipline occurs when an employee violates your workplace rules or your business code of conduct. It is a natural step in the coaching and counseling process. Huffmaster’s employee investigators are hired when an organization believes there is a violation of their code or workplace rules and they wish to confirm or refute the allegations. It is equally as important to exonerate a wrongfully accused employee as it is to validate the accusation with evidence. Huffmaster respects the rights of employees to unbiased investigations and the dignity of all involved in the process. Yet Huffmaster is still effective in its employee investigations.

Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery is a desired outcome when company property has been stolen or otherwise diverted.  Our investigations focus on determining who took your assets and where your assets are. Our evidence is gathered and preserved in a way to support your recovery action in small claims courts or in other jurisdictions. We can also assist you with court ordered recoveries.


Prosecution means that legal action has been taken against an individual in criminal court. Our investigators understand the complications of police agency investigations. We structure our investigations to support your fact finding of who violated your trust, or stole your assets. If you subsequently choose to prosecute, our evidence gathering and preservation process supports your choices, whether in civil or criminal court. It is important to have credible and verifiable facts and with Huffmaster that is what you will receive.  From obtaining the facts of the investigation to testifying in court, our investigators support your civil or criminal litigation decisions.

Regulatory Compliance

Many regulatory requirements have security stipulations built right into them. Huffmaster investigators can help you assess whether performance occurs according to expectations or if improper performance places your organization at regulatory risk.

Contractual Compliance

Your contracts with your customers or suppliers may include security provisions or restrictions from prohibited conduct. When you suspect that there is a contractual breach, Huffmaster has a proven track record in investigating the facts surrounding your concerns. Whether it involves improper payments, bribes, kickbacks, self-dealing, invoice padding, phantom work orders, or subpar parts, Huffmaster can assist you in determining the facts.